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Investment Criteria
Conormara Investment Criteria

Confidentiality Agreement
Conormara Confidentiality Agreement


Conormara Investments understands and appreciates the critical role intermediaries can play and the value they bring to the sale or recapitalization of a business.  We rely on intermediaries for deal flow and will always strive to honor these principles:

  • We will pay standard buyer fees (Lehman formula) if agreed upon in advance and where the seller is not obligated to compensate the intermediary.
  • We will respond quickly to new opportunities. If we are not interested in a particular transaction, we will suggest other groups or individuals that may have greater interest.
  • We will be professional in our approach to your client and respectful of your time, striving to put all material requests in written and organized form.

  • We will keep you informed as we progress through the due diligence process, communicating with you immediately if any “deal breaker” issues arise.
  • If the intermediary is a service provider to the seller, we will strive to retain that relationship post-closing.

  • We will only issue Letters of Intent in situations where we are confident we can close the transaction.

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